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From winning public affairs strategies to shaping policy and building seamless digital movements, our established team of experts can help shape and share your message.

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About Bryant Row

We are a full service public affairs firm with deep experience, winning results and tremendous reach.


We’re a results-driven firm. We know you have an outcome critical to your bottom line. We will help you accomplish that goal. Period.


From leading journalists at national media outlets to online influencers shaping conventional wisdom, we will leverage our extensive network for you.


Our team has been on the front line of major debates helping to shape domestic and international policy. We’re results-driven and have a track record of success.

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  • Success in any field, but especially in business is about working with people, not against them.

    — Keith Ferrazzi —
  • Everyone is well prepared in the big things, but only the winners perfect the little things.

    — Bear Bryant —
  • Design is where science and art break even

    — R. Mathew —


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